Casio Prizm Unboxing

By Tech Powered Dad | January 25, 2011

Casio Prizm Arrives

UPDATE: My Casio Prizm review is now live.

It’s finally here! I’ve been promising everyone the first in depth hands on Casio Prizm review, and the Prizm has finally arrived. Casio’s been trying to get me one to evaluate for a while, but they’ve hit a few delays, but tonight it arrived. My goal is to get an “unboxing” video up tomorrow and a review of the Prizm later in the week. I don’t even have it out of the box yet, but looking at the Prizm in the package, two things stand out:

  1. It’s gorgeous. The TI-Nspire wishes it had this kind of style, and I’m a big Nspire fan.
  2. The requisite “Permitted on Tests” label says that the Prizm is allowed on all of the big three tests, AP, SAT, and ACT. I figured it would be, but there’s been some speculation on forums, blog comments, etc. that it might not be allowed on the ACT. If the Prizm is ACT legal, that obviously means no CAS (computer algebra system).

Here is the unboxing video I promised.

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