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A blog about giving kids that extra STEM education advantage they need in today’s competitive world. Written from the perspective of a former math teacher, current STEM worker, and father of three.

This Is the Reboot

By TPM on April 2, 2018

For quite some time, I’ve planned to make significant changes to Tech Powered Math. Today is finally the day the new site launches. Some of those changes are readily apparent to long time visitors, as the site is getting a much needed visual refresh. Others, while less apparent, should provide a better user experience as I’ve migrated this site from WordPress to a lightweight static system, a system which I will continue to improve and tweak over time.

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Texas Instruments Releasing New Robotic Rover

By tpm on October 12, 2017

I’ve been so busy lately that I haven’t found a chance to comment on Texas Instruments’ very interesting announcement last month that they are release a robotic vehicle, the TI-Innovator Rover. The TI-Innovator Rover is designed to work with either with any TI-Nspire CX model or the TI-84 Plus CE. Check out the video below for a high level demonstration of the Rover in action. In addition to your graphing calculator, you’ll also need a TI-Innovator Hub.

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Win a Texas Instrument Graphing Calculator #GenSTEMcontest

By tpm on August 30, 2017

As they often do to kick off the school year, Texas Instruments is doing a back-to-school contest with some very cool prizes on the line. From now through Sept 25, they’re giving away TI graphing calculators each week to a couple of lucky winners. Additionally, the grand prize is $500 and trip for two to Dallas to Texas Instruments’ HQ. To enter, visit the contest website where you can enter by taking a quiz about your STEM style quiz.

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New Contest: Texas Instruments & NASA “Search for STEMnauts”

By tpm on April 25, 2017

Texas Instruments just launched a new contest that’s definitely worth taking a look at if you are a middle school or high school teacher. You’ll need to put together a team of 5 students and a teacher sponsor to work together to solve a series of puzzles, riddles and brainteasers that have been posted to the contest website. The contest is a partnership with NASA, and if you attempt the challenge, you’ll quickly find that the puzzles are all space themed.

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