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I’m a dad who believes every kid can have a chance for a better life via STEM education. I write from the perspective of a former math teacher, current STEM worker, and father of three.

Top 5 Programming Languages for Kids

By Tech Powered Dad on August 8, 2018

In This Post: Best Language for Young Children Best Language for Platforms They Already Know Best Language for Building Web Apps Best Language for Building Mobile Apps Easiest Language to Get Stuff Done So you’ve got a child, and you want to encourage their love of computers by getting them started in a programming language, but you don’t know which one to start with. Or maybe you are the “kid” reading this, a middle school kid, a college kid (or just a kid at heart), knowing that you are interested in learning to write code, but feeling overwhelmed by the choice of languages.

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What SAT Score is Required for Engineering Majors?

By Tech Powered Dad on July 24, 2018

So you’ve been wondering what it takes to get into a top university as an engineering student. I wanted to know too, so I set out to answer this question by visiting hundreds of university websites and gathering data. I’ve compiled what I found into a searchable table that will let you estimate what the average SAT is for engineering students at the majority of schools that do not share this information.

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Latest Magoosh Discount Code

By Tech Powered Dad on July 24, 2018

There’s a new Magoosh discount code that will get you 50% off on their test prep courses. It applies to all of their ACT and SAT test prep classes. The code applies from Tuesday, July 24 at 10 AM EST through Monday, July 30th at 12 AM midnight, so you’ll want to act fast. Depending on how long of a term you buy with Magoosh, this can get you ready for the September and/or October test dates.

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TI-Innovator Rover Review

By Tech Powered Dad on July 19, 2018

What Is the TI-Innovator Rover? When Texas Instruments announced this product last year, a programmable robot that can receive its programs from their TI-84 Plus CE and TI-Nspire CX graphing calculators, my ears perked up. The TI-Innovator system, a series of programmable devices that interfaced with TI calculators had been intriguing, but the Rover is a robot on wheels, you might say a drone, created from many of the same devices as the earlier Innovator components.

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Graphing Calculator Reviews

Graphing calculator reviews have been some of the most read and shared posts on Tech Powered Math.