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I’m a dad who believes every kid can have a chance for a better life via STEM education. I write from the perspective of a former math teacher, current STEM worker, and father of three.

Mathematics and Ethics Education Should Go Hand in Hand

By TPM on June 20, 2018

University of Exter Professor Paul Ernest has a new book out, The Philosophy of Mathematics Education Today, which includes a chapter called, “The Ethics of Mathematics: Is Mathematics Harmful?” In it, he raises some compelling questions about mathematics education as it stands and its effects on students. Ernest is quick to acknowledge the good that comes from learning math both for the individual and society and spends quite a bit of time expanding on this idea.

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Princeton Review ACT / SAT Prep Review

By TPM on June 14, 2018

Princeton Review online tutors can answer questions in real time right in the browser. What is Princeton Review? Princeton Review is a company specializing in college admission services, such as test prep classes, tutoring, online courses, and books. The were founded in 1981 by a new college grad who started teaching SAT prep to students in New York City. While they offer test prep for a variety of tests including graduate exams like the GRE, they are best known for preparing students for the ACT and SAT tests and their annual rankings of colleges.

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Is Engineering Still a Good Choice of Major?

By TPM on June 11, 2018

Over the last few years, it feels like engineering has lost some of its mojo. The “E” in STEM just isn’t as sexy as it with the media as it used to be. There’s a narrative that says that thirty years ago, our best and brightest students were often going off to get degrees in engineering with dreams of working in Detroit; today, those same opportunities lie in Silicon Valley via degrees in computer science, statistics, or data science.

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TI-84 Plus CE Review

By tpm on June 8, 2018

What Is the TI-84 Plus CE? The TI-84 CE Plus is the latest in a long line of TI-84 calculators, but with a better color screen, battery life, software, and a more compact size. It is the most widely adopted, widely trusted calculator by teachers in American classrooms. The new TI-84 Plus CE is thinner, lighter, and comes in a rainbow of colors. Please click here to get your TI-84 Plus CE on Amazon.

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Graphing Calculator Reviews

Graphing calculator reviews have been some of the most read and shared posts on Tech Powered Math.