Virtual Nerd “Boot Camp”

By Tech Powered Dad | September 2, 2011

Virtual Nerd is holding what they’re calling a boot camp, to help kids start of the school year right. The idea is that kids may have lost some of their math skills over the summer and by exercising those brains, students will get back into shape. It’s a five week program that starts with an assessment quiz to determine where the student’s current strengths and weakness are. You then get a 5 week program designed to help you improve your skills, complete with their Dynamic Whiteboard, videos, and practice problems. At the end of the 5-weeks, you get another quiz to see how much progress has been made.

The boot camp is designed for Pre-algebra, Algebra I, and Algebra II. The cost is just $19, a significant discount over their regular rates. Click here to check out Virtual Nerd’s boot camp, and if you have more questions, be sure to read my Virtual Nerd review.

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