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By Tech Powered Dad | June 14, 2011

To get the best price on Jason Gibson’s award winning Math Tutor DVD series, visit the Math Tutor DVD website.

Yet another post in my series reviewing Math Tutor DVD. In this post, you can see some samples from the Statistics and Probability DVD’s. This is a little different from most of the other DVD’s in the series. Most of the others would be just as appropriate for a high school class as a college class. While it’s true that high school classes cover some probability and statistics, most of the material here is aimed at college coursework, unless of course you are a high school student taking AP statistics. In that case, this is exactly what you need. You could probably get by just with disk one if you’re only trying to cover the basics of a high school pre-calculus class that skims the surface of probability for a chapter or so.

Probability is particularly tough for students. I have always found it a little frustrating to teach. It’s one of the few topics that even my honors students and math team students struggle with. As such, if you’re embarking on a statistics and/or probability course, you really ought to take a look at these DVD’s. Just about everyone I know had some difficulties on these topics, including myself. They can be very counterintuitive. As always, you’ll get a better price by following these links than you will on Amazon. Good luck in your class!

To get the best price on Jason Gibson’s award winning Math Tutor DVD series, visit the Math Tutor DVD website.

Standard Deviation Sample Video


Combinations Sample Video


Total DVD Run Time: 10 Hours


Disk 1
Section 1: Permutations
Section 2: Combinations
Section 3: Fundamentals of Probability
Section 4: Addition Rules of Probability

Disk 2
Section 5: Conditional Probability
Section 6: Bayes' Theorem
Section 7: Mathematical Expectation
Section 8: Mean, Median, and Mode
Section 9: Standard Deviation and Variance
Section 10: Random Variables and Introduction to Probability Distributions

Disk 3
Section 11: The Binomial Probability Distribution
Section 12: Mean and Standard Deviation of the Binomial Distribution
Section 13: The Poisson Probability Distribution
Section 14: The Normal Probability Density

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