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By Tech Powered Dad | June 7, 2011

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Here’s another post in my series reviewing Math Tutor DVD. Finally, I’m turning to the sciences. As I’ve mentioned before, before Math Tutor DVD creator Jason Gibson was churning out this popular series, he was an engineer. As a result, he’s had quite a bit of experience in science classes like physics and chemistry. This post focuses on the Physics DVD. 

I also started off as an engineering student for my first year and a half of college, and Jason has set the Physics DVD tutoring program up just like most universities have them set up. He has courses on motion and Newton’s laws, electricity and magnetism, thermodynamics, and oscillations and waves. The DVD’s align extremely well with college courses. Unfortunately, high school physics classes tend to dabble a little bit in each of these areas, meaning you may need to get the whole series for a high school class even though you only need a little bit from some of the disks. The simple alternative is to subscribe to the Math Tutor DVD website, where you get access to all of the lessons, Physics and otherwise, for a low monthly price. Sample videos of the course and a course outline of the Physics tutoring DVD’s follow:

To get the best price on Jason Gibson’s Physics DVD, visit the Math Tutor DVD website.

First Law of Thermodynamics Lesson

Doppler Shift Lesson

Physics Help: The Ultimate Physics Tutor DVD

Total DVD Run Time: 11 Hours

DVD Chapter Index
Disk 1:
Section 1: Velocity And Acceleration In One Dimension
Section 2: Equations Of Motion In One Dimension
Section 3: Scalars And Vectors
Section 4: Projectile Motion
Section 5: Newton's Laws Of Motion
Section 6: Newton's Laws Of Motion With Friction
Section 7: Work
Section 8: Kinetic Energy And The Work-Energy Theorem
Section 9: Potential Energy And Energy Conservation
Section 10: Power

Disk 2:
Section 11: Momentum And Impulse
Section 12: Conservation Of Momentum
Section 13: Inelastic And Elastic Collisions
Section 14: Angular Speed And Angular Acceleration
Section 15: Rotational Equations Of Motion
Section 16: Tangental Speed And Centripetal Force
Section 17: Gravitation And Kepler's Laws Of Motion
Section 18: Torque
Section 19: Rotational Equilibrium
Section 20: Angular Acceleration & Moment Of Inertia
Section 21: Angular Momentum
Section 22: Density And Pressure
Section 23: They Buoyant Force
Section 24: The Bernoulli Equation

Physics Help: The Ultimate Physics 2 Tutor DVD, Volume 1 (Thermodynamics)

Total DVD Run Time: 10 Hours

DVD Chapter Index
Disk 1
Section 1: Thermometers and Temperature Scales
Section 2: Expansion and Contraction of Solids and Liquids
Section 3: Kinetic Theory of Gases

Disk 2
Section 4: Heat
Section 5: Latent Heat and Phase Change
Section 6: Heat Transfer by Convection, Radiation, and Conduction
Section 7: Work, Heat, and PV Diagrams

Disk 3
Section 8: The First Law of Thermodynamics
Section 9: Heat Engines and the Second Law of Thermodynamics
Section 10: Refrigerators
Section 11: Entropy

Physics Help: The Ultimate Physics 2 Tutor DVD, Volume 2 (Oscillations and Waves)

Total DVD Run Time: 12 Hours

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