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By Tech Powered Dad | March 3, 2011

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Continuing my series looking at the options available with the sequence of math DVD’s, I’m looking at the Geometry DVD. Geometry can be a tough subject for a lot of students. It’s a big change from algebra, involving more visual reasoning and logical thinking. As a result, a lot of parents find their child needs a little extra help with some geometry tutoring.

Geometry DVD Overview

You’ll find this DVD covers just about everything you’d run into in a high school geometry class. Disk one starts with the basics of lines, rays, segments, supplementary and complementary angles. Then it moves on to triangles, a major component of any high school geometry class. Congruency postulates like SAS, SSS, and ASA are covered, and the first disk wraps up with a lesson on polygons.

Disk two of the DVD covers quadrilaterals in depth, and, fortunately, spends a lot of time focusing on 3D geometry concepts like prisms, spheres, and pyramids. So many kids find it difficult to visualize three-dimensional geometry, and I don’t think enough tutoring programs give it enough attention. The geometry DVD wraps up with a unit on geometric proofs. Depending on how your school structures its geometry curriculum, you may find that your child needs to skip ahead to that lesson to get an earlier introduction to proof.

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Geometry DVD Sample Clips

Complimentary and supplementary angles



Geometry DVD Tutor Chapters

Total DVD Run Time: 9 Hours

Disk 1 
Section 1 – Lines, Rays, and Planes
Section 2 – Working with Angles
Section 3 – Complimentary and Supplementary Angles
Section 4 – Working with Intersecting Lines
Section 5 – Types of Triangles
Section 6 – Congruent Triangles
Section 7 – The Pythagorean Theorem
Section 8 – Introduction to Polygons

Disk 2 
Section 9 – Quadrilaterals
Section 10 – Similar Triangles
Section 11 – Perimeter

Section 12 – Area of Rectangles 
Section 13 – Area of Parallelograms
Section 14 – Area of Triangles
Section 15 – Area of Trapezoids
Section 16 – Area of Prisms
Section 17 – Volume of Prisms and Pyramids
Section 18 – Circles and Circular Figures
Section 19 – Cylinders, Cones, and Spheres
Section 20 – Geometric Proofs 

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