TI-Nspire Riemann Sums

By Tech Powered Dad | January 17, 2012

In preparation for AP Calculus the other day, I was struggling with how to get the TI-Nspire to work Riemann sums as easily as the TI-84 does, since we typically use a program on the 84. After some time, I had come to the conclusion I’d either have to write a program myself or just accept the fact that it wouldn’t be as simple as it is with the TI-84.

Much to my delight, the other AP Calculus teacher approached me that afternoon to let me know that Texas Instruments had released a new document and library for the TI-Nspire to make Riemann sums as easy to find on the Nspire as on the 84 that very day. Having given it a try, you could even make the argument that it’s a little easier than the 84 since it shows the left sum, midpoint sum, right sum, trapezoid sum, and Simpson’s sum all at one time. You can download the document for your Nspire by following this link to the Texas Instruments site. You will want to transfer it to your My Lib folder and refresh your libraries in order to take advantage of the new library it provides for you.

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