Big Kid Life Fire Fighter App Review

By Tech Powered Dad | December 2, 2011

Devices: iPad, iPhone

Topics covered: Numbers, letters, shapes, and basic spelling and arithmetic

Cost: $2.99 (but free for a limited time)

Ages: 4-7

Fingerprint's Big Kid Firefighter app

Big Kid Life Fire Fighter is the second app I’ve had a chance to look at by Fingerprint Digital, a new educational app company. Previously, I looked at Fingerprint Play Maker. Big Kid Fire Fighter is a very different app, and quite a bit more complex. Like other Fingerprint apps, you have the ability to check your child’s progress via the parent center at any time, and you and your child can send voice or text messages of encouragement back and forth. However, unlike Play Maker, the tasks of Big Kid Life Firefighter are quite a bit more sophisticated.

Each level requires navigating a sort of maze as a firefighter, putting out fires, and rescuing animals. As your child navigates the maze, they occasionally have to answer a logic or math question. For example, some of the questions involve learning polygon names like pentagon and hexagon.

Although the recommended ages for this app are 4-7, I found that this app held the attention of my 8 and 9 year old niece and nephew for a pretty significant amount of time. So while 4 and 5 years are capable of playing with this app, it seems to appeal to a fairly wide range of ages. Big Kid Firefighter is simple to pick up and play but sophisticated enough that it will keep kids engaged for a long time. As Fingerprint continues to grow their library of apps, parents are going to really appreciate the ability they have to monitor their child’s progress and send messages back and forth with their children.

Tap  here to get Big Kid Firefighter on the App Store (free for a limited time).

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