Official Texas Instruments TI-84 Plus C Announcement

By Tech Powered Dad | January 18, 2013

While it’s no secret that Texas Instruments has a new TI-84 Plus C Color graphing calculator coming out later this spring, they are finally making an official announcement to the press soon. A few hours from now, TI will distribute the press release that follows about what we can expect on the new TI-84 Plus C. If you have been following this story on Tech Powered Math, you are largely familiar with the overall story. The new 84 will feature a high resolution, full color screen, and a rechargeable battery. The full press release with official specs is below. I still expect to have access to a TI-84 Plus C in the not too distant future, and will bring you all my TI-84 Plus C review when I have it.



Texas Instruments Adds Color to Math and Science Learning with

New TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Graphing Calculator


DALLAS (January 2013) – Texas Instruments, the most trusted brand in graphing calculator technology, announces a colorful addition to the TI-84 family of graphing calculators—the new TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator, featuring full-color capabilities, a high-resolution, back-lit screen, rechargeable battery and updated operating system.

The TI-84 Plus C graphing calculator is designed to include features that will improve math and science learning, such as the ability to import photos and overlay graphs to connect concepts to the real world.  The rechargeable battery reduces frequent battery replacement purchases.  This new product addition keeps the same key placement, navigation and menus as the TI-84 Plus family, so educators can transition while continuing to use their current classroom activities. The TI-84 Plus C graphing calculator is also permitted on standardized tests, including the SAT*, ACT*, PSAT*/NMSQT, AP*, Praxis.

Melendy Lovett, president of Texas Instruments Education Technology, said “We are excited about this new addition to the TI-84 Plus product line and for the opportunity to bring this new technology to loyal educators who have relied on TI-84 products over the years to help them improve math and science teaching and learning.”


TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition Specifications and Features

  • Screen resolution: 140 DPI, 16-bit color
  • Screen size: 320×240 pixels (2.8” diagonal)
  • TI Rechargeable Battery
  • 3.5 MB FLASH ROM memory for data archive and Apps storage
  • USB unit-to-unit cable included for communication with TI-84 Plus and TI-84 Plus Silver Edition
  • Supports TI Basic and ASM programming



The TI-84 Plus C Silver Edition graphing calculator will be priced comparably to the TI-84 Plus Silver Edition and will be available for purchase beginning in spring 2013. For information on availability, please visit


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