AbleMath Graphing Calculator App Review

By Tech Powered Dad | January 23, 2012

Device: iPhone

Function: Graphing Calculator

Ages: High school and up

I haven’t taken a look at a graphing calculator app since my old review of the top 6 calculator apps for the iPhone. However, at the request of the developers at AbleMath, I hopped on over the App Store to see what their new AbleMath Graphing Calculator can do.

What I Like About AbleMath

AbleMath offers some features that I haven’t seen in other iPhone calculators. In addition to being able to define functions, you have the ability to store values. It’s easy to type a value to be stored or scroll through any of your previous calculations to store one of them as a value. Additionally, you have the ability to quickly and easily send your functions and stored values via email.

A lot of important calculator features that are also there. It’s easy to switch between graphing with functions, parametric equations, and polar equations. There’s also a table mode that allows you to see the inputs and outputs of your equations. Trace mode is easy to use, and I really liked the ability to switch the graph grid from¬†Cartesian

Hopes For Future Releases

There are a few things I hope to see changed in future releases. I wish the AbleMath calculator understood implied multiplication, meaning I would really like to be able to type y=2x instead of y=2*x every time. I’d also like to see more functionality added to the graph mode. At this point, there’s a trace mode, but I’d also really like the ability to find intercepts and extrema.

Still, AbleMath has expressed interest in feedback and is looking to add features in future releases. They’ve already got a couple of innovative capabilities in this first release. As the app grows, it has the potential to be one of the better iOS calculators out there.

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