What to do if Windows doesn’t recognize your TI-84 Plus CE

By Tech Powered Dad | May 1, 2015

I took the new TI-Connect for a spin tonight, and it is a big improvement over the old version. It’s faster, the UI is much easier to work with, and one could easily program from within it. However, I ran into a speed bump when I got started. My Windows 7 machine wouldn’t recognize my TI-84 Plus CE. I’m not sure if this a fluke, specific to my PC, something to do with the new Connect, or if there is some other explanation. I do know that my CE review unit was recognized prior to the new Connect, and when I installed the new software, I had to reinstall drivers for my TI-84 Plus C and Plus CE. Unfortunately, the CE driver installation failed, and Windows 7 wouldn’t give me another chance. I could hear the familiar “ta duh” sound of connecting a USB device, but it made no second attempt to grab the driver, even after a reboot. If you are an early adopter and find yourself in this situation, here’s what worked for me.

From the Start Menu search “Administrative Tools”.


After choosing Administrative Tools, select “Computer Management”.

TI-84 USB 2

Find “Device Manager.” Scroll down to “Universal Serial Bus controller.” Hopefully, you will see “TI Graphing Calculator.” Right click and select “Update Driver Software” and choose the automatic search for drivers.

TI-84 USB 3

Hopefully that works for you. It worked for me.

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