TI-84 Plus CE Week

By Tech Powered Dad | April 27, 2015

TI-84 Plus CE Black

It’s TI-84 Plus CE week here at Tech Powered Math. I’ve had a couple of weeks to interact with the new TI-84 Plus CE. I also recently had a nice informational chat with Texas Instruments’ reps about some TI-84 Plus CE news and how the TI-84 product line is evolving. All that added up to more than I felt could be covered a single post, so I’ll be handling it in a three part series I’ll be rolling out over the next few days.

The highlight will be my TI-84 Plus CE review, but I’ll also be covering a few other topics about the upcoming 84 that were recently brought to my attention. It’ll be a three part series, with a new post going up at 8 a.m. Central Time each day for the next three days.

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