New Book: TI-84 Plus Tutorials

By Tech Powered Dad | July 25, 2013

TI-84 Tutorials

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I’ve been hinting at it throughout July, but I’m thrilled to officially announce that my next book is finally here. This time, I’m taking a crack at Texas Instruments’ other ridiculously popular graphing calculator, the TI-84 Plus. The book is titled, TI-84 Plus Tutorials: The TI-84 Plus for Beginners. My latest book is now available on Amazon in Kindle format. If you are new to Kindle books, you should know that you do NOT need a Kindle device to read them. Kindle books can be read on an iPad, iPhone, any Android device, Mac or PC with a free Kindle app.

Much like the two volume series I wrote about the TI-Nspire graphing calculator last year, this book is aimed squarely at the beginning educational user of the TI-84+ graphing calculator, whether they be a teacher or a student. The natural question to ask is, why now? The TI-84+ has been out for nearly a decade, and the TI-Nspire is growing in popularity with each passing year. The answer for me is simple. With the release of the TI-84+C, I can sense there is renewed interest in the TI-84+ family of graphing calculators. The TI-84+C brings a new dimension to the TI-84+ family that I don’t think most of us graphing calculator fans ever thought it would get.

While the screen captures throughout TI-84 Plus Tutorials were all done with the TI-84+C, probably 95% of the material does apply to both calculators. There are some exceptions, like when I go into detail on how to adjust graph colors, graph on photographs, or upload images to your TI-84+C. However, Texas Instruments designed the TI-84 Plus C to be very cross compatible in classrooms with the TI-84+ black and white models, and you’ll find the same thing is true about my book. In the rare instances when the directions for the black and white models are significantly different than the TI-84 Plus C, I’ve explained how to adapt those directions.

What’s covered in the book? Since this is a book aimed at beginner to intermediate users of the TI-84+, certainly not everything you can do on the calculator, but quite a bit. Among the many features covered in depth are how to use fractions, change modes, perform trigonometric calculations, numerous graphing features, how to use tables, perform basic statistics calculations, use apps, solve equations, polar equations, parametric equations, calculus features, and many other features. You’ll probably find you can go through the activities in the book in a couple of hours.

Here’s the best news for those of you that follow Tech Powered Math. Just as I did with the release of my TI-Nspire Tutorials Volume 1 last summer, I will be issuing this book completely free for the first five days, which is the maximum allowed by Amazon. I’m happy to do this as a thank you to all of you who follow Tech Powered Math via Twitter, Facebook, Google+, or email. Please go to Amazon and download your free copy of the book and encourage your friends to do so too. You’ll want to get the book while it’s free because after the five day window is up, it’ll go to it’s regular price of $4.99.

I’m asking you to consider one small favor in return. I’m just a lone blogger, writing this website and my books in my basement when I can squeeze in the time between teaching and family life. I don’t have any kind of publishing or publicity company backing me, so the one way an independent book like mine can stand out is to get some reviews. If you find my book helpful, please consider writing a review on Amazon, even if that review is only a couple of sentences long. Many of you wrote reviews for my TI-Nspire books last summer, and it made a huge difference in helping me get noticed among the crowd of Amazon books.

Thanks again to all of you. I am on the verge of releasing another informational product, and I will let you all know when it is out.

Click here to get TI-84 Plus Tutorials on Amazon.

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