TI Offers Free Navigator Systems

By Tech Powered Dad | May 29, 2013

Free TI-Navigator system

Just like last year, Texas Instruments is once again offering free TI-Nspire CX Navigator systems to teachers who collect enough proofs of purchase from TI-Nspire CX’s. This year, they are requiring 60 of the purchase cards that come with the TI-Nspire CX. The deadline for submission is September 20, 2013. You’ll need to go through a bit of online training if you’ve never attend a T3 event in the past, but the required 3 hour investment is well worth the return.

If you are a teacher at even a medium sized school, I’ve got to strongly encourage you to take advantage of this program. A Navigator system costs well into 4 figures, but if you require incoming freshmen to purchase a TI-Nspire, it’s not hard at all to get 60 cards. My school is unlikely to make Navigator purchases for our math department any time soon, so last fall we took advantage of this program and obtained our first Navigator. The ability it gives you to send questions, activities, even assessments to your students goes well beyond what a standard set of “clickers” can do. We are fairly optimistic we’ll be able to collect enough proof of purchase cards this fall to get two more Navigators, which would get us close to having one Navigator per two teachers. Top of the line equipment like the Navigator is more often found in wealthy suburban schools, but this program gives our humble little downstate Illinois school the ability to be equipped like the elites of Chicagoland.

So start communicating with your colleagues about how you’re going to get those cards collected from your students, and read up on the fine print at the Texas Instruments website.

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