Arrival in Chicago for T3 Conference

By Tech Powered Dad | March 3, 2012

I arrived in Chicago for Texas Instruments’  T3 convention a few hours ago and immediately headed off to a very nice VIP cocktail hour. Of course, Mayim Bialik was in attendance, and I did have an opportunity to briefly exchange pleasantries. As you can imagine, just about everyone wants to talk to her, so she’s very much in demand. I will have an opportunity to do a short interview with her tomorrow, and I’m looking forward to asking her more about her decision to become a spokesperson for Texas Instruments and what she hopes to accomplish via that partnership.

Of course, the whole TI crew is here in Chicago, so there is no shortage of folks to talk to about the TI-Nspire. I got to catch up with Dale Philbrick, who was one of the first people from TI to reach out to me as I was getting Tech Powered Math off the ground almost two years ago. I also had the chance to meet  Tom Reardon, who is a math education and TI-Nspire guru. His session tomorrow morning is the first one I’ll be attending.

I also got to learn a little more about what TI-Nspire chief Mark Fry will be sharing with me. The nuggets include Lua programming support for the Nspire and the upcoming release of TI-Nspire OS 3.2 (praise the Lord, x= and conics support are almost here!)

I have a busy day here tomorrow and probably won’t be able to post much of it until Sunday when I’m back in Peoria. Instead, look for brief posts on Facebook and Twitter. If you don’t follow me there yet, you can easily do so using the links in the sidebar or by clicking the social media globes at the top of this page.

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