TI-Nspire Trig Formulas Document

By Tech Powered Dad | October 25, 2011

TI-Nspire trigonometry formulas

The first formula sheet document I am releasing for the TI-Nspire is one for trigonometry formulas. There are quite a few trig identities for students to memorize, so I hope this will serve as a good reference for you. This file will work for any up-to-date version of the TI-Nspire, including CAS or non-CAS, CX or grayscale. The table of contents follows below.

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  • 1.2 Table of Values
  • 1.3 Quotient and Reciprocal Identities
  • 1.4 Odd-Even Identities
  • 1.5 Sum and Difference Identities
  • 1.6 Cofunction Identities
  • 1.7 Pythgorean Identities
  • 1.8 Double Angle and Half Angle Identities
  • 1.9 Power Reducing Identities
  • 1.10 Law of Sines and Cosines
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