TI-Nspire Formula Documents

By Tech Powered Dad | October 25, 2011

TI-Nspire trig identities

Over the next few weeks, I’m going to be releasing a series of TI-Nspire formula “cheat sheets.” Of course, cheat sheet is just a nickname for this kind of document, don’t actually use them to cheat. Having the formulas on your graphing calculator can serve as a very valuable study guide when you are either trying to memorize the formulas or to use as a reference when working on practice problems.

The documents will work on any TI-Nspire, CAS or non-CAS, CX or grayscale. If they help you with your class, please share them via Facebook, Twitter, or Google Plus with the sharing buttons on their respective pages. The first release will be the trig formulas later today. I will continue to add links below as I release the documents.

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