TI-Nspire CX OS 4.2 Released

By Tech Powered Dad | February 17, 2016

TI-Nspire OS 4.2

TI-Nspire CX OS 4.2 has been released on the Texas Instruments website. You can find the release notes on the TI website. There are a few cool new features in this release, including the ability to automatically generate sliders for certain parameters in graphs and notes, manage the settings of connected handhelds through TI-Navigator (this will be very useful for teachers that work with inexperienced Nspire students), and a few other selected upgrades.

The feature I’m enjoying the most, however, is the fact that Texas Instruments has made the ability to plot relations more complete. Essentially, the user has been given a lot more freedom to choose in the form of relations they can graph, including x and y variables on the same side (or both sides) or the equation. This extends to inequalities, as you can see in the screen shot that I’ve included in this blog post. This is a really great update that will give teachers better flexibility in what they can graph with their students.

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