New Poll Question: Favorite eBook Format

By Tech Powered Dad | July 13, 2012

I have a small favor to ask all of you who follow Tech Powered Math. I’ve added a new poll question to the sidebar (you’ll find it in the lower left corner), and it’d really help me out of you could take a couple of seconds to participate. I’m trying to get a handle on what eBook format most of you use.

When my first book went to #2 on the Kindle best seller list for education books at one point last week, I realized there’s more interest in electronic resources for graphing calculators than I had been aware of. This has me thinking about developing more resources: additional eBooks and print books, DVD’s, video on demand, etc. My second eBook for the TI-Nspire, focusing on CAS features, is actually already well under way. I hope to release it before the end of July.

I released my first book in Kindle format both because it’s the dominant format right now, and because Amazon allowed me to do a free promotion right off the bat, something I really wanted to offer all of you. That free promotion did require me to sign a 90 day exclusive contract with Amazon, meaning I’m temporarily not able to utilize other formats. For the second book, I’m trying to decide whether to do another Amazon exclusive to use the brief free period again, or not go exclusive and price the book at $.99 (the lowest Amazon allows) for a similar amount of time. The second option would allow me to put the book on the Nook and iBooks.

So while I’m not making any promises about my plans right now, I would greatly appreciate if you could participate in the poll. I’m hoping to get quite a few responses over the next week. Thanks again to all of you for helping to make the book a huge success.

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