Mental Math

By Tech Powered Dad | August 21, 2011

Mental math is one of those skills you either love to show off or dread that you might be forced to use in public. It doesn’t matter whether you are 8 years old or 48 years old. We all know mental math skills are important. You don’t want to pull out your calculator for every arithmetic fact you come up against.

And yet, for some people, mental math just doesn’t come naturally. Whether it’s a young student studying again and again to try to pass a time test or an adult working towards a certification test or heading back to school, it’s a challenge for a lot of people. It’s not a lack of effort. It’s a need to understand the tricks and tips that can change a fear of math into confidence.

Mental Math “Tricks”

Recently, I have come across several systems based on a technique known as “Vedic Math.” Whether you call them secrets of mental math, tricks, or “mathemagic,” this is a system of mental math strategies to help people succeed. While it may sound mysterious (its proponents claim Vedic Math has its roots in ancient Indian Sutras), modern Vedic Math is based on a book published in 1965 by an Hindu spiritual leader. In the last couple of years, several books based on these techniques have popped up written in English, many of them extremely successful in helping people of all ages move well beyond the basics of simple mental math into complex calculations they could never have dreamed of.

Fun With Figures Ebook

One of the mental math products that has had a lot of popularity recently is the Fun With Figures Ebook, designed by Vedic Math guru Kenneth Williams. While Williams has conducted workshops at prestigious universities like Oxford and Cambridge, founded a series of tutoring centers across the world, and written numerous books through the years to help adults and children alike with mental math, I believe this is his first entry into ebooks. It’s in .pdf format, so it’s easy to open on any computer. When you make a purchase, in addition to the ebook, they throw in software designed to help you practice called the Mental Math Brain Trainer (but a word of warning, the software is only compatible with PC’s, not Macs).

If you want to feel better about your ability to do mental math, this is a product you should take a look at. In addition to being able to claim countless success stories in helping people learn mental math, Williams offers the Fun With Figures ebook at a reasonable price of $19.97. It comes with a money back guarantee.

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