McGraw-Hill “This Is My Math” Art Contest

By Tech Powered Dad | August 17, 2011

Textbook publisher McGraw-Hill is sponsoring a contest with $174,000 of prizes on the line called, “This Is My Math.” Starting on September 15, teachers of K-5 students can submit their students math artwork. Notably, the artwork must be submitted in digital form. The kids have a chance to explain their artwork, which is a pretty significant factor in the judging–40%. Contest entries must be submitted by October 29.  Beginning on November 11, the public can vote on their favorite entries.

The public and a panel of “celebrity judges” will determine their winners. Two students from each grade level will be selected as the winners, and each winning student will win almost $15,000 in educational prizes for their teacher’s classroom. The prizes have been donated by a variety of technology companies and groups including Texas Instruments, the Math Forum @ Drexel, Intel, and eInstruction.

Sadly, all of my high school students are too old to enter the contest, but I know that’s not the case for many Tech Powered Math readers. If you’re a K-5 teacher, this sounds like a great back to school contest that allows students the opportunity to bring out their creativity in a math context.

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