Kaplan ACT/SAT Prep Classes Discounted Through October

By Tech Powered Dad | September 22, 2011

UPDATE: Since this post, I’ve done full Kaplan ACT & SAT Prep review.

Save $100 on SAT & ACT Prep!

Kaplan has announced they are discounting their “Classroom Anywhere” classes for ACT and SAT prep in September and October. It is a $100 discount from their normal cost of $499. The discount ends on October, so you must enroll by October 31 to take advantage of the special price. You will also need to follow the link above and use the discount code “100AW” to get the discount.

If you have a child taking the ACT or SAT this year, I also suggest you double check the registration deadlines for the tests. I have posted both the ACT dates for 2011-12 and SAT dates for 2011-12 here on Tech Powered Math.

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