iPhone 4S Announced, iOS 5 Arrives Next Week

By Tech Powered Dad | October 5, 2011

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The much anticipated iPhone 5 press conference was today, but to the surprise of many, the iPhone 5 was not announced. Instead, Apple’s new phone is the iPhone 4S. This appears to be a more modest update than many people were hoping for. Instead of a full makeover, the changes are more subtle. There’s new dual core processor and voice control (catching up with Android).┬áProbably the biggest change for the average user is that the iPhone 4S is capable of operating on CDMA networks, meaning that the iPhone is coming to Sprint, and could eventually come to all networks.

As a teacher, I’ve spent more time thinking about tablets than phones in the classroom. While a lot of schools are wary of phones in the classroom, many are jumping in with tablets like the iPad. That’s why I was excited to hear that iOS 5 is coming to all Apple mobile devices, including the iPad, on October 12. There are a number of nifty new features (200 in all) including Newsstand, Wifi sync, iMessage, and Notification Sync. When iOS 5 is released, I’ll be sure to try it out for a hands on review.

If you’re looking for wall to wall coverage on the iPhone 4S, check out Engadget for the latest. The level of coverage they’ve got over there is amazing.

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