Doceri App

By Tech Powered Dad | September 9, 2011

Device: iPad

Cost: Free App, $50 for software license for computer

Grade Level: Any, app is designed for teachers

Doceri app

This year, my school finally equipped my room with a Smart Board. As such, my interest in virtual whiteboards in education has increased quite a bit, so has my curiosity about alternatives. One such alternative is the Doceri app for the iPad. Essentially, Doceri turns your iPad into a remote screen for your computer. In addition to controlling your computer from your iPad, you can simply draw on your iPad and have those drawings show up on your computer.

I took the Doceri app for a spin, and I liked it. There is a bit of lag between the iPad and the computer. Also, it is hard to draw on the iPad accurately with your finger, but Doceri does make a stylus they recommend. The cost is very reasonable. The app is free, and the software for your computer costs $50 for a seat license. Of course, you do still need an iPad, but even including that in the cost, this is quite a bit cheaper than a Smart Board. On the other hand, the options are not quite as exhaustive as my Smart Board (which I’m still getting to know), ┬ábut some of the basics are included like the ability to record your drawings and several different graph boards to draw on. I’m not ready to trade in my full featured Smart Board just yet. However, the Doceri app is a great option for teachers who won’t be able to get their district to shell out the big bucks for a virtual whiteboard.

Click here to try out Doceri.

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