HP TouchPad Released and Calculator App

By Tech Powered Dad | July 6, 2011

HP Touchpad HP Touchpad

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HP has finally released their new tablet, the HP TouchPad. With Android and iOS dominating, WebOS (the OS of the HP TouchPad) has become for the forgotten mobile OS, and that’s unfortunate. I had a Palm Pre for about a week at the end of 2009 and enjoyed WebOS immensely. Unfortunately, the phone itself seemed flimsy and I returned it. HP bought out Palm in large part to get its hands on WebOS. I doubt I’ll have the pleasure of getting my hands on a TouchPad anytime soon, so I was interested to see if there was any info out there about the math apps for it. ZDNet is reporting that, surprisingly, the TouchPad doesn’t even have a native calculator app, but the app market does have a free calculator app, 4tPad. Apparently, 4tPad is a no frills calculator, but I’m betting if the TouchPad catches on, they’ll be no shortage of calculator and math apps for it.

Buy the HP TouchPad on Amazon.

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