Headed to Honduras

By Tech Powered Dad | June 7, 2012

This is a very unusual post for Tech Powered Math, but I’m going to be “off the grid” for a couple of weeks. I want to explain why because I’ll be slower than usual at responding to emails, Tweets, etc.

In a few days, I’ll be flying from St. Louis to Honduras as part of a mission trip with my church here in Peoria, Imago Dei Church. We are joining up with a ministry that is based permanently in La Esperanza, Honduras called Mercy International. Over the course of about a week, our goal is to build two cinder block homes for people that are currently living in dirt floor shacks made out of whatever they could find. Our church has made a couple of these trips each year for the last few years, and everyone who has been a part of one has told me that it is life changing, both for the people receiving a new home and for those that are helping them.

So if I don’t reply right away over the next couple of weeks, please don’t be offended. While the base camp we are staying in has electricity and plumbing, I’m not expecting much beyond that. I have no plans to take my phone, computer, etc., and frankly, calculators and teaching math will be the last thing on my mind anyway. It’ll certainly take me outside of my comfort zone in more ways than one, and that’s probably a good thing, but I must admit that there is a little bit of anxiety mixed with the excitement for this trip.

STEM careers are the future. Will you be ready?

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