Thanks on the Book Launch

By Tech Powered Dad | July 30, 2013

I just wanted to say thanks to all of you who helped me promote the book launch. I was thrilled to see TI-84 Plus Tutorials in the top 10 on Amazon’s computers and technology list throughout the weekend. It is so exciting for an self publisher like me to be able to continue doing this. I hope to continue releasing more educational products as time goes by.

Among the many people I’d like to say thanks to:

  • The Math Forum, for sharing the book news on their weekly newsletter. 
  • Everyone who Tweeted about the book, which I know includes @TICalculators, @lilikoi44, @mathteacher24, and @edward_shore. I’m sorry if I missed anyone.
  • Those of you who wrote a review on If you read the book and found it helpful, please consider writing a review when you get a chance. There’s still plenty of time to do so.

Thanks again, everyone!

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