Amazon Tablet Announcement Wednesday?

By Tech Powered Dad | September 26, 2011

Amazon tablet announcement coming?

UPDATE (9/28/11) The new tablet has been announced as the Kindle Fire.

For almost a year, there have been rumors that Amazon is working towards a goal of a tablet. Numerous sources have revealed that Amazon is holding a press conference on Wednesday. The speculation is that Amazon will be announcing its new tablet at that time.

Of course, Amazon already has a tablet, and a very popular one, the Kindle. If you are familiar with the Kindle, you know that it has some great things about it, such as its e-ink display, great battery life, and ability to access an absurd amount of books from However, there are also limitations, such as its inability to access a great source of apps like Apple’s App Store or Android’s Market.

The rumored Amazon tablet is supposed to go much further. Most speculation has it as an Android tablet. Amazon already has a connection with Android, having launched its own “Appstore” to compete with Google’s Android Market. I’ll be following the story on Wednesday and will be sure to post a run down. Hopefully, Amazon will have exciting news for those of us that want to see tablets in the classroom continue to make strides.

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