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By Tech Powered Dad | August 11, 2010

TI-30 XIIS Multiview


It’s no secret from our recent review of the TI-30 series that TPM feels the best entry level calculator Texas Instruments has on the market is the TI-30 X Multiview.  Now, we’re going to send one student head back to school with a free Multiview.   Sometime between now and Labor Day, why not  enter our contest?

To enter, post:

1)  First name (no last names, please)

2)  Year in school and name/location of school

3)  In 100 words or less, why do you feel you should win the Multiview from TPM?  Your reasons can be serious or amusing.  We will announce our favorite on Twitter and Facebook, so be sure to subscribe.

Example entry post:

1) John

2) Freshman at East High School in Albuquerque, NM 

3) I could really use a great new calculator. I just moved to this school, and everybody is a little too into singing and dancing for me.  It makes it hard to concentrate in math class, and I’m planning to go out for the math team, so I really need a new calculator.  I read your review of the multiview, and it’s the one I want.  I love that it can simplify square roots, and I think it would really help me out in honors geometry.


1) Must be a legal resident of the United States to enter.

2) Any profanity, crude language, or otherwise inappropriate speech will result in disqualification.

3) Contest is for elementary, middle school, high school, college, and grad students.  Part time students are eligible.

4) After winner is announced, they will need to provide TPM with a name and phone number of an employee of the school that can verify the winner is a student at the school.

5) All entries must be received by Labor Day, September 6, at noon, central time.

6) Judge’s decision is final.

7) If winner cannot be contacted via email within 48 hours of announcement, a new winner will be picked.

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