Top 10 Pi Day 2013 Stories From Around the Web

By Tech Powered Dad | March 14, 2013

I decided not to write my own Pi Day post this year, but instead share some of the interesting stories from major news outlets. After all, I’m not likely to beat the quality of a story from USA Today, CNN, or the Huffington Post, so here are 10 of the best that I found.

1. White House Wishes Twitter a “Happy Pi Day” With Photo of Kid Stuffing Face With Pie–Huffington Post

The aforementioned picture is at the top of this article. Simple and amusing.

2. On Pi Day, Finding Strength in Number–CNN

Interesting article on how master memorizers demonstrate their skills by reciting tens of thousands of digits of pi.

3. 3.1415926 Reasons to Celebrate Pi Day–Wired

This one actually has a little more mathematical content than most of the others on this list.

4. Happy Pi Day: 10 YouTube Videos for Math Geeks–Mashable

For those of you that want to celebrate by getting your YouTube on.

5. Sports Stats to Celebrate on 314 (or Pi Day!)–USA Today

I like the sports angle, so I’m willing to forgive fact that one of the stats shown is given to four significant digits and the fourth one doesn’t match pi (apparently, 3.147 is Bob Essensa’s goals against average, which obviously doesn’t even round to 3.14).

6. Pi Day Tribute Paid By Calculating Pi With Pies–CBS News

Seems like a great tribute to me.

7. Happy Pi Day! Here’s Some of the Wackiest Celebrations around the World–Time

Who knew that MIT posted its acceptance letters on pi day?

8. Geeking Out on Pi Day: For the Love of Pi and the Tao of Tau–PBS

The Newhour team examines why we are so fascinated by pi.

9. Pi day: Caltech Students Celebrate With Late-Night Pie Party–LA Times

Of course they did. I would expect nothing less from Caltech students.

10. The Weather Angle on Pi Day–Accuweather

Honestly, I only included this one because I thought it was funny that the author confused the formula for area of a circle with that of circumference. Oops.

STEM careers are the future. Will you be ready?

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