This Is the Reboot

By Tech Powered Dad | April 2, 2018

Dad helps daughter

For quite some time, I’ve planned to make significant changes to Tech Powered Math. Today is finally the day the new site launches. Some of those changes are readily apparent to long time visitors, as the site is getting a much needed visual refresh. Others, while less apparent, should provide a better user experience as I’ve migrated this site from WordPress to a lightweight static system, a system which I will continue to improve and tweak over time.

New Content

The biggest change moving forward will be a shift in content. I launched Tech Powered Math in the summer of 2010, mainly as a way to talk about my passion of teaching with graphing calculators. In 2014, I changed careers and started including more content about my new job in tech including technical posts about writing code. Through it all, I’ve gotten lots of visitors, but never been entirely clear who I am writing for, whether it be parents, students, or teachers. That changes today.

I will be writing Tech Powered Math with parents in mind, particularly parents who are interested in giving their kids a STEM education advantage. Teachers and students are welcome to join along for the ride, but my focus will be squarely on you, parents. This is a natural evolution for me. Eight years ago, I was a teacher with a baby on the way. Today, I’m a STEM worker with three daughters. I’m very aware of and concerned about the issues facing parents as they work to guide their children through the education system. Join me on the journey to learn how you can better prepare your child for success.

STEM careers are the future. Will you be ready?

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