A Sad Farewell to Steve Jobs

By Tech Powered Dad | October 7, 2011

I was sitting in a church meeting on Wednesday night when I received a jarring text from my wife with the news that Apple founder Steve Jobs had died. From a 3rd grader using an Apple IIe to a teacher using an iPad 2, the company Jobs founded has had a profound impact on my educational experience.

While I’m not an Apple fanboy, I am certainly an Apple admirer, and I have especially admired what Jobs did with with his time at Apple. He had an amazing vision for what technology has the capability to be. There have been several occasions where he introduced a product that left me thinking, “Why would I need that?,” only to find myself purchasing one at a later date. He’s responsible not just for the work he did at Apple, but the work that companies like Microsoft, Google, HTC, and many more have had to do to try to keep up with his vision.

There are a number of terrific tributes to Jobs online. Here are a few I recommend:

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