Best Nintendo DS Math Games

By Tech Powered Dad | August 25, 2011

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Nintendo DS Math Games

Video games have been a popular way for parents to encourage kids to learn math for a couple of decades now. It’s easy to see why. Today’s kids don’t remember a time before even portable game systems, and it’s often hard to pry those systems out of their hands.

The Nintendo DS seems to especially have especially caught on as a system for educational games. Most likely the portable format and the touch screen are a big part of this, and the large number of younger gamers that the DS is popular with. There are a lot of educational titles for the DS, and DS math games seem to be especially popular. Here are some of the best selling math games for the Nintendo DS, with a short video of each one.

Personal Trainer Math

This is the most popular math game for the DS on Amazon. It’s designed to help younger kids with flash card type problems in a more entertaining way. The game tracks your progress over time and even takes your attendance to keep you on track.

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Brain Quest

One of the nice things about Brain Quest is that you can buy it in a variety of paired grade levels. That means you can buy it in grades 1 and 2 up through grades 5 and 6. In addition to the standard math features and puzzles, this game adds the element of being able to unlock items by redeeming points you have earned.

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Learn Math (and Learn Science)

Learn Math, and its sequel Learn Science are designed for kids in 1st-4th grade. After setting up their own character, this game takes the unusual approach of letting students play as green vampires. There are a variety of puzzles and games that vary from solving straight addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division to tangrams to mazes. Like with some of the others, you can accumulate rewards for performing well.

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Brain Age (and Brain Age 2)

Brain Age is more than a math game, it’s a series of mental puzzles. The graphics and sound are simple, the game play not hard to pickup, and yet people find it strangely addicting. At the end of the series of game challenges, you are told what your “brain age” is. Obviously, as popular as the original was, there had to be a sequel, Brain Age 2. This one is for “kids” of all ages.

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Big Brain Academy

This game has been compared to Brain Age, in that it offers a variety of games and puzzles and continually challenges you to improve your intellect over time. Much like Brain Age, it’s not just about math, but students of math will find they have an advantage. The 15 puzzles and games of Big Brain Academy include memory, logic, analysis and math.

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