NASA and Texas Instruments Team Up for STEM Education

By Tech Powered Dad | January 15, 2016

TI mISSion-imaginaTIon

Today, Texas Instruments announced a new partnership with NASA for STEM education that they are calling mISSion imaginaTIon. The new initiative launched with an online quiz about manned space missions, and there will soon be TI-Nspire activities with mISSion imaginaTIon. A year long STEM design challenge encourages students to work on four space-related challenges, and the winner will receive a video chat with a NASA expert and a TI-Nspire CX graphing calculator.

“Imagination is the fuel that feeds progress and innovation,” said Peter Balyta, Ph.D., president of TI Education Technology. “Alongside NASA, we are excited to unleash student creativity as students explore how science, technology, engineering and math can solve future problems on earth, in space and beyond.”

It is a great benefit to teachers that use Texas Instruments products in their classrooms that TI continues to develop engaging classroom curriculum such as STEM Behind Hollywood, STEM Behind Health, and now mISSion imaginaTIon. If you are interested in staying current on mISSion imaginaTIon, you can sign up for more information at the official website for updates, or follow its hashtag on Twitter, .

STEM careers are the future. Will you be ready?

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