Microsoft math add-in for Word and OneNote

By Tech Powered Dad | August 20, 2010

Click here for my video of the Microsoft Mathematics Add-in for Word 2010 and OneNote.

On Tuesday, Microsoft released the Mathematics Add-in for Word 2010 and OneNote users.  If you’ve never used equation editor or a previous release of the mathematics add-in, it gives significant mathematical capabilities to Word.  Teachers (myself included) love it for writing quizzes, tests, and worksheets.  Students will appreciate the ability to easily make their assignments and papers look more professional.

Microsoft math add-in

The mathematics add-in allows users to plot both 2D and 3D graphs within a Microsoft Word document.  It also adds a simple computer algebra system (CAS) to the included equation editor.  Although I doubt many users would use Word as their primary equation solver, it is nice to be able to type an equation and have the software generate a solution as a new equation.  The CAS goes beyond a simple equation solver and can perform matrix operations as well as calculus functions such as integration and differentiation.

The mathematics plug-in for Word 2010 and OneNote is easy to install and use and adds significant functionality to those programs.  It is free and is available for download at Microsoft’s Download Center.

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