Leapfrog Fridge Phonics Review

By Tech Powered Dad | April 16, 2012

Click here to get the Fridge Phonics toy from Leapfrog.com.

In a bit of a change from the kinds of reviews I normally do on Tech Powered Math, I’m reviewing an educational toy for little kids. My wife and I had our first child 16 months ago, and she’s starting to get interested in these kinds of toys, so I plan to add more Leapfrog educational toy reviews as well as toys and games from other “edutainment” manufacturers.

The Leapfrog Fridge Phonics toy is simple, but fun and effective. The toy has two functions. First, you can have it play the alphabet song. Second, you can insert any of the magnetic letters that come with the toy, and it will sing a simple song about the sound that the letter makes.

This toy is recommended for children ages 2-5. Rachel is only 16 months old, but she really likes it already. Obviously, she doesn’t understand it on the level of a 3 or 4 year old, but she does try to sing along with the alphabet song (even though she doesn’t make it past “C” yet).

I’ve posted a video review on my YouTube channel which you can view below.

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