eNotebook iPad App Review

By Tech Powered Dad | April 3, 2012

Device: iPad

Cost: $4.99

Ages: High school and up

Enotebook app

I’ve been working with the eNotebook app off and on for a couple of weeks now but haven’t had the chance to write about it until now. eNotebook was developed by a math teacher, Kevin Giffhorn, for students that want the ability to take their notes right on their iPad. It has a simple integration feature into Safari and email that allows you to send files in Powerpoint, PDF, or Word format to the app, where you can take notes right on top of them. There’s also Dropbox integration so you can load any files you’ve sent to Dropbox right into eNotebook to take notes on top of them.

There are also note “templates” in the app that look like notebook paper, among others, for taking notes a blank “sheet of paper.” I love the concept and execution of this app, but I’ll just warn you that if you are serious about taking most of your notes with eNotebook, you’ll want to invest in a good stylus. I started off with a checkout line special, and I wound up frustrated. I’ve heard a lot of good things about the Wacom Bamboo stylus, but the Amazon Basics Stylus is also highly rated and cheaper.

eNotebook is a groundbreaking app with an eye on a future where taking notes on a tablet is preferable to doing so a notebook. While I doubt it will completely replace handwritten notes in the short run, there’s definitely a place for it right now.  I’ve been looking for an app with these features for a while, and eNotebook was the first I found that fit the bill. You can check out a demonstration of eNotebook in the video below with creator Kevin Giffhorn.

Tap here to check out eNotebook at the App store.

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