Springboard Data Science Review

In this post: One on One Mentoring Springboard Cybersecurity Review Springboard UX Design Review Do Springboard Students Get Jobs? Is Springboard Worth the Money? TLDR Data Science Career Track Review For a little over a year, I’ve worked a couple of hours a week in my evenings with a young company called Springboard, and I’ve become a really big evangelist of the program. The company’s ambition is to help people find new careers in tech fields like data science, digital marketing, and UX design without the full investment of time and money that an additional degree carries.

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Top 5 Programming Languages for Kids

In This Post: Best Language for Young Children Best Language for Platforms They Already Know Best Language for Building Web Apps Best Language for Building Mobile Apps Easiest Language to Get Stuff Done So you’ve got a child, and you want to encourage their love of computers by getting them started in a programming language, but you don’t know which one to start with. Or maybe you are the “kid” reading this, a middle school kid, a college kid (or just a kid at heart), knowing that you are interested in learning to write code, but feeling overwhelmed by the choice of languages.

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