Review: Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver (Black)

By Tech Powered Dad | February 18, 2015

Amazon Basics wireless mouse

I recently picked up an Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse and wanted to do a quick review, and given how quick and easy it was to use, it will be a quick review, indeed. I primarily use this mouse with a MacBook Air Retina. While I’ve been very please with my introduction to the world of OS X, I don’t think I’ll ever get used to just using a touchpad, regardless of the operating system, and I wanted an affordable mouse with no extra bells and whistles.

Since I’m an Amazon Prime subscriber, the mouse arrived in just two days with free shipping. This is one of a couple of Amazon Basics purchases I’ve made recently. Amazon Basics is Amazon’s “store brand.” They are no frills items, but they generally seem to have very positive reviews.

For the price, I can’t say that I could have asked for much more from a mouse. It feels great in the hand, and both buttons click nicely. I’ve been using it for about 2 months without a mouse pad, and the laser just about never results in the cursor “skipping” or getting stuck. Additionally, the setup couldn’t have been easier. I just plugged in the USB wireless receiver, and the MacBook instantly recognized it.

The only negative I have is with the mouse is that the matte finish that Amazon chose. It looks awesome and feels great in the hand, but if you are like me, greasy fingerprints do show up occasionally and require some wiping. It’s not enough to discourage me from enjoying this mighty little mouse, though, as everything else about it is great for a sub $15 mouse.

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