TI-Nspire Trig Formulas Document

The first formula sheet document I am releasing for the TI-Nspire is one for trigonometry formulas. There are quite a few trig identities for students to memorize, so I hope this will serve as a good reference for you. This file will work for any up-to-date version of the TI-Nspire, including CAS or non-CAS, CX or grayscale. The table of contents follows below.

Click here to get my TI-Nspire Trig Formulas Document. If this document helps you out, please share it with friends with the Facebook, Twitter, and Google Plus buttons at the top and bottom of this post.

  • 1.2 Table of Values
  • 1.3 Quotient and Reciprocal Identities
  • 1.4 Odd-Even Identities
  • 1.5 Sum and Difference Identities
  • 1.6 Cofunction Identities
  • 1.7 Pythgorean Identities
  • 1.8 Double Angle and Half Angle Identities
  • 1.9 Power Reducing Identities
  • 1.10 Law of Sines and Cosines

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Lucas Allen

Lucas Allen

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