Texas Instruments Announces Free Webinars for Fall 2011

Earlier this week, Texas Instruments announced a fall series of free webinars for educators. The series is a part of their T3 program (Teachers Teaching with Technology).  The webinars are about an hour long each and are going to be available on demand after their original broadcast. You can get a certificate of attendance that might be applicable towards professional development hours in some states.

Looking at the schedule of T3 Webinars, Texas Instruments continues to make the drive towards moving from the TI-84 platform to the TI-Nspire platform. Of the 11 sessions, 9 focus on the TI-Nspire and only 1 on the TI-84. This isn’t that surprising given that the teachers who are willing to invest the time in learning technology for class also tend to be the ones pushing the envelope towards new technologies.

The complete list of webinars follows. For more information, check out the Texas Instruments webinar site.

Sept. 20 TI-Nspire Basic Skills: Teacher Software and the PublishView(TM) Feature
Sept. 27 Science Nspired: Biology, Chemistry, and Physics with TI-Nspire Technology
Oct. 4 Math Nspired: What’s New: Middle Grades and Algebra 1
Oct. 11 Common Core State Standards with TI-Nspire Technology
Oct. 18 TI-84 Plus Basic Skills: Analyzing Patterns and Functions
Oct. 25 Exploring Science and Math with NASA and TI-Nspire Technology
Nov. 1 Math Nspired: Calculus
Nov. 15 TI-Nspire Basic Skills: Formative Assessment with TI-Nspire Technology
Nov. 29 Ten80 Student Racing Challenge: NASCAR STEM Initiative 101
Dec. 6 TI-Nspire Basic Skills: Collecting and Analyzing Data with the Vernier DataQuest(TM) App
Dec. 13 TI-Nspire Tech Skills: Functions, Programs, and Math Boxes

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