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I wanted to put together a list the best discounts for teachers and students and technology as a way to say thank you to everyone who subscribes to my email list. It took a ton of hours, but I’m thrilled what I’m able to offer all of you. In every case, the links below will take you to EXACTLY the page you need to go to in order to take advantage of the teacher or student discount.

What I found is that there are a lot of companies offering discounts to both students and teachers on far more gadgets and software than I could have imagined. Software companies in particular seem to give huge discounts, frequently in excess of 90%. I would guess they do this in order to get students trained on software during their impressionable years so they will insist on using in the work place one their are out of school.

The list of 100 discounts follows, but first a few points.

  1. I’ve rounded many (but not all) of the % off numbers, so don’t be surprised if they are off by a couple of percentage points.
  2. I apologize in advance if anything is inaccurate, but you can’t hold the manufacturers (or me) to the numbers listed here. They will change over time, and while I do plan to keep this list accurate, I won’t be updating it weekly, so don’t be surprised if you notice minor changes over time.
  3. For all of these discounts, you will have to provide proof that you are a teacher or student. The method could be by showing and ID, insurance card, a work email, or whatever the company decides. Just realize that if you are not a current student or teacher, you’re not going to be able to just talk your way through this. You need proof.
  4. While many of these discounts apply to students and teachers, others are for only one or the other.
  5. Homeschoolers may be eligible in some instances. Some of these companies will let you get the discount of you can show evidence from your state or district that you are homeschooling your child.

The Big Names


Offers discounts to students and teachers. These discounts vary from product to product, but are often as high as $100 or $200 on computers and equipment. iPods, iPads, iPhones are not typically covered on the education discount, but Apple occasionally specials for teachers and students that do include them.


Offers 10% off of most computers, game systems (like the PS3), and tablets to students and teachers


Offers a huge discount on Microsoft Office for college students as well as discounts for other software and computers.


Significant discounts on laptops, anywhere from $50 to $300 off for students and teachers.

Office Max and Office Depot

While not discount programs per se, both Office Max and Office Depot offer rewards programs for teachers that let them earn discounts as they accumulate points.


Discounts vary by product, but HP makes it really easy for teachers and students to get discounts by signing up at the link above.


Adobe offers ridiculously huge discounts on virtually all of their software for students and teachers) in many cases up to 80% off.

Cell Phones

AT&T, Sprint, T-Mobile, and Verizon all offer discounts to teachers, but it varies based on state. These discounts can be as high as 20% on equipment, plans, or both. The discount is offered to you as a state employee, so private school teachers usually don’t qualify. College students, you may qualify if your university has made arrangements with a cell company. Check with your student association. I have actually written a whole post about cell phone discounts for teachers that explains more about this topic.


Intuous Pen Tablets (students and teachers) up to 15% off

VisTablet Graphics Tablet (students and teachers) up to 30% off

Pen Scanners

IrisPen Executive (students and teachers)

Math/Science Software

Cabri (students only) 50% off

DeltaGraph (students and teachers) 33% off

Hyperchem (students and teachers) 40% off

KaleidaGraph (students and teachers) 30% off

Labview (students only) 92% off

MathCad (students and teachers) 93% off

Mathematica (students only) 90% off

MathType  (students and teachers) 40% off

Maple (students and teachers) 95% off for students, 91% off for teachers

Math Made Easy (students and teachers) 55% off

Polygon Explores Mathematics (students and teachers) 15% off

Systat (students and teachers) 35% off

Creativity Software

Auto FX (students and teachers) up to 50% off

Boris Software (students and teachers) 33% off

Cinema 4D (students and teachers) 90% off

ConceptDraw Software (students and teachers) up to 55% off

Corel (students and teachers}

Creative Cast (students only) 80% off

Cyberlink Software (students and teachers) up to 40% off

Digicel (students and teachers) 25% off

FontLab Studio (teachers only) 40% off

Innoventive FrameForge (students and teachers) up to 15% off

LightWave 3D  (students and teachers) 85% off

Magix Software (students and teachers) 60% off

Media Semantics (students and teachers) 25% off

Nik Software (students and teachers) up to 50% off

The Omni Group (students and teachers) up to 15% off

Perfect Resize (students and teachers) 20% off

Poser Pro (students and teachers) 60% off

Primal Pictures (students only) 15% off

Primatte Keyer Pro (students and teachers) 60% off

Power Production (students and teachers) 40% off

RenderMan for Maya (students and teachers)  75% for students, 100% for qualified teachers

Serif Software (students and teachers) up to 40% off

SolidWorks (students and teachers) 94% off

Sony Creative Software (students and teachers) up to 35% off

Strata 3D (students and teachers) up to 30% off

Toon Boom (students and teachers) over 50% off

Video Converter Ultimate (students only) 40% off

Vox Proxy (teachers only) 60% off

Vue (students and teachers) 90% off

Write Brothers Software (students and teachers) 45% off

Xara Photoa and Graphic Designer (students and teachers) 40% off

Zbrush (students and teaches) 35% off

Music Software

Ableton (students and teachers) 40% off

Cakewalk Software (students and teachers) 45% off

Finale (students and teachers) 60% off

Sibelius (teachers only) 40% off

Productivity/Utility Software

Diskeeper (students and teachers) 35% off

EnFocus Pitstop (students only) 80% off

FarStone TotalRecovery (students and teachers) 20% off

FastTrack (teachers only) 70% off

FileMaker Pro (students and teachers) 40% off

Impatica (students and teachers) (40%)

Mega Bundle (students and teachers)  85% off

Mindjet (students and teachers) up to 80% off

Parallels Desktop for Mac (students and teachers) 50% off

Powerdesigns (students and teachers) 33% off

PowerPlugs (students and teachers) up to 55% off

Quickbooks (students and teachers) 70% off

Squeeze 8 w/Dolby Pro Encoder (students and teachers) 25% off

TechTool Pro (students and teachers) 60% off

Total Training (students and teachers) 30% off

TuneUp Bitdefender (students and teachers) 40% off


AutoCAD (students and teachers) 95% off

Autokitchen Studio (students and teachers) 50% off

CAD Gorilla (students and teachers) 15% off

PDF Revu CAD (students and teachers) 50% off

Solid Edge (students and teachers) 99% off

Miscellaneous Software

Endnote (students only) 60% off

Extensis (students and teachers) 50% off

Learnkey (students and teachers) up to 50% off

Marketing Plan Pro (students and teachers) 40% off

NetOp Remote Control (teachers only) 50% off

Nuance Dragon (students and teachers) 50% off

Oracle Database Training (students and teachers) 40% off

School Jotter Website Builder (teachers only) up to 20% off

Rad Studio (students and teachers) 93% off

The Social Express (students and teachers) 35% off

Tableau (students only) 95% off

TinMan AI Builder (students and teachers) 15% off

UltraKey (teachers only) 20% off

Unity Pro (students only) 95% off

VM Ware (students and teachers)

Just For Fun, A Couple of Non-Tech Discounts

Barnes and Noble (teachers only) 20% off of books for your classroom (teachers and students) up to 85% off