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One of the most common students ask before taking the ACT is, "Can I use my calculator on the test?"  The answer is yes… usually.  You do have to be careful to stick with the ACT's list of approved calculators. Basically, any of the following features on a calculator means it will be banned from use on the ACT:

  • No calculator that can communicate wirelessly, like a phone, an iPod Touch, or via an infared port.
  • No stylus or pen based devices, so no tablets.
  • No calculators that have a computer-like "QWERTY" keyboard.  Even though the new TI-nspire touch has a keyboard, you will notice it is alphabetical, not QWERTY, like a computer.
  • No calculators with a computer algebra system (CAS)

Also, if you're calculator makes sounds, it has to be muted, and if it has a paper tape printout feature, that has to be disabled. What does this mean?  Basically, if you own a Texas Instruments calculator, you'll be o.k. if you have one of the following:

  • TI-30 (including multiview)
  • TI-34
  • TI-82
  • TI-83
  • TI-84
  • TI-nspire

You're NOT going to be allowed to use any of the following:

  • TI-89
  • TI-92
  • TI-Voyage
  • TI-nspire CAS

This list is not all-inclusive, but it does cover the most popular calculators on the market today.  Other non-TI products that are banned include:

  • HP 40G
  • HP 48GII
  • HP 49G
  • HP 50G
  • Casio Algebra fx 2.0
  • Casio ClassPad 300
  • Casio Classpad 330
  • Casio CFX-9970G

One last important note on the ACT rules–you are allowed to bring more than one calculator.  You can only have one out at a time, but you can switch whenever you feel like it with the spare you have under your desk.  It is strongly advised to bring a backup calculator in case your primary has a problem. For more info:  ACT's FAQ page

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Lucas Allen

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