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After my look at Texas Instruments Little Professor a couple of weeks ago, I wanted to also give a shout out to another educational toy from my childhood, TI’s Speak and Math and Speak and Spell games. These games came a long a few years after the Little Professor, so they are a little more advanced, as you might expect.

The most noteworthy differences between these games and the Little Professor are that they are much bigger and, as the name suggests, they speak to you. I put in a lot of hours on my Speak and Spell growing up. I don’t quite know how to describe the voice that came from inside the game, other than to call it computerized and loud. I thought it was awesome. There’s nothing like hearing “You are right!” and “That is correct!” echoing through the hallway when you are 7 years old. My mom, however, did tire of it after a while, but using my headphones did help a lot. My favorite function on the Speak and Spell was the mystery word, which was pretty much like hangman.

The Speak and Math had some features in common with the Little Professor, but it was more advanced. For one, it had features like greater than and less than. The five games included with the Speak and Math were Number Stumper, Word Problems, Solve It, Greater Than/Less Than, and Write It. I always wanted to try the memory expansion pack that these games with but never got a chance to do so. I figured that it would open up magical new levels (or something along those lines).

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