Canon Xmark 1 Calculator Mouse Finally to Get Release?

Buy the Canon X Mark 1 Calculator Mouse on

Canon Xmark 1 Calculator Mouse

It’s been a whole year since I originally wrote about the Cannon X Mark 1 Calculator Mouse back in the summer of 2010, the perfect marriage of a calculator and mouse.  Well, we waited for the originally announced release in November 2010 which never came. I assumed that Canon had discontinued the project altogether. And all of a sudden, the X Mark 1 Calculator Mouse is back in the news. Canon has not only announced that the release date is now August 2011, they are taking preorders, so it appears to be a sure thing this time. It looks like a very slick device to be sure. If you’re looking to purchase an X Mark 1, reviews seem to be positive. It can either be used as a calculator or as a numerical keypad.

You can buy the Canon X Mark 1 Calculator mouse on

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