Back to School Sales 2012

By Tech Powered Dad | August 10, 2012

Hard to believe that it’s that time again already, but school is almost upon us. My district starts early, with teachers reporting for duty next Tuesday. I’m sure most of you are fortunate enough to have at least another week or two off before getting back at it.

Of course, this also means it is time for my annual list of the best back to school sales. For 2012, there seem to be even more deals than usual. I will try to add to this list as I become aware of more deals, particularly those on technology such as computers, tablets, cell phones, and more. If you find your own deals, please post them in the comments below.


The personal electronics giant is giving away $100 gift cards with the purchase of a Mac or a $50 gift card with the purchase of an iPad. You can check out the details at Apple’s back to school page.


Buy a PC from their online store, get an X Box 360 for free. This one is specifically for college students because you have to enter a .edu email address on this page.


If you don’t want an X Box, Dell is offering a similar deal to Microsoft, allowing shoppers to choose between an X Box or a $200 gift card to be used on accessories or anything else Dell offers. Check it out here.


Much like Microsoft, Sony is working their gaming systems into a combo deal. You can get $250 off of a PS3 or PS Vita with the purchase of a Sony PC. They’re also offering up to 10% off of PC purchase for all students, teachers, and professors. Details are here.


Special pricing on a number of popular 4G Android phones on their LTE network, including a special offer on a Samsung 4G LTE tablet. Here’s the Verizon back to school page.


Buy one get one free when you purchase a Samsung 4G phone. On a personal note, my Samsung Galaxy S II is the best phone I’ve ever owned, but I’m really jealous of those of you who can take advantage of this deal with the Samsung Galaxy S III (yes, it is included here).


Special pricing on most of the 4G phones in their lineup as well as BOGO deals on certain phones. They are also offering deals on a Lenevo laptop that includes free WI-FI. Check it out here.


This is the only place I’ve seen graphing calculators go on sale. They’ve got most of their lineup of graphing calculators on sale, but notably, not the TI-Nspire family. However, you can get the TI-84, Casio Prizm, and several other popular models discounted quite a bit from regular price.


Newegg’s back to school deals shift over time, but some of them are pretty crazy. You can check out their back to school page for the latest deals they’re offering on tech and gadgets. All of their promo codes are listed on this page.

Tech for Less

Tech for Less is offering too many back to school deals to list them all here. Among their sales are significant discounts on tablets, PC’s, iPods, and the Kindle Fire. Click here to see their back to school page.


Amazon has a back to school homepage with a rotating list of sale suggestions that changes from one day to the next.


This online textbook dealer is offering discounts on orders at several levels. Click here to visit them and use the following eCampus coupon codes: BRONZE ($3 off of a $60 order), SILVER ($4 off of an $80 order), and GOLD ($5 off of a $100 order).

Academic Superstore

Offering Microsoft University for only $84.99 for a limited time.


Adobe is offering significant discounts on their software packages, but these deals are up in a couple of weeks. Follow this link and use the coupon code BTS2012 to get $100 off the Adobe Master Collection Student and Teacher Edition, $50 off of Adobe Premium Suite Student and Teacher edition, or $20 off of Adobe Points Products.

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