Back to School Deals 2011

By Tech Powered Dad | July 22, 2011

I constantly get retailers asking me to pass along their latest deals to my readers. For the most part, I ignore them because they don’t really fit with the readership of this site. However, there are some pretty awesome 2011 Back to School Deals. While the deals listed below are not all math related, they are technology and gadget and/or education related. Since I have a large audience of high school and college students (and their parents and teachers), I though I’d pass them along.

Microsoft Store: Free Xbox 360 (UPDATE: $399 Dell)

This one is crazy. If you follow this link, Microsoft is offering a Free Xbox 360 with the purchase of any computer over $700. If you’re in the market for a new computer anyway, this is hard to pass up. Deal ends September 3.

UPDATE: As of August 30, the Microsoft store has added another deal. The Dell Inspiron N4030 laptop is going for just $399. No word on how long this deal will last, just that it’s “for a limited time.” Discount Coupons on Textbook Orders is an Ebay site. College students can buy or rent their textbooks there. In addition to their already low prices, they have the following coupon codes.

  • 12% off Anything on  Min Order $50.  Max Discount $40.  Limited time coupon. Enter BTSAF12 at checkout
  • 15% off Anything on New Users only. Min Order $50.  Max Discount $40.  Limited time coupon. Enter BTSAF15 at checkout.
You’ll easily go over those minimums if you order your textbooks by following this link to Free Shipping on Textbooks

If isn’t your thing, you can often save 75% off of new book prices by going with They are offering free shipping on orders over $59 when you follow this link.

Free Sprint Android Phones

Sprint isn’t messing around at back to school time. They have a number of free Android phones with a new contract. Hard to believe my underpowered HTC Hero was almost $200 just two years ago.

UPDATE: Free AT&T Phones

Not to be outdone by Sprint, AT&T is now offering free phones as well, including shipping. I took a quick look and the list does include and Android phone or two as well as the Palm Pixi.

PacSun: Discount Backpacks and More

Not every back to school deal has to be high tech, right? PacSun is offering 30% off backpacks, as well as other huge discounts across much of their apparel for back to school time, including 50% off of guys clothes.

Calculator Deals

If I hear of any more special deals, I will update this post to reflect them, particularly if there are any good graphing calculator deals. So far, the best deals on the TI-Nspire CX, TI-Nspire CX CAS, and Casio Prizm have continued to be on Ebay. The prices there have dropped dramatically in the last few weeks, and in many cases, the Nspire CX costs the same as what the old Nspire Grayscale cost back in the spring.
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