TI-84 Plus CE Announcement Tomorrow
It's been a couple of years since Texas Instruments has announced a significant change to one [more]
Data Science Capstone Review
  Overview of the Data Science Capstone Project and Approach The Johns Hopkins Data Sci [more]
Best R Tutorial Sites
There's no doubt that the ability to analyze data and do predictive modeling by programming in R is [more]
Encountering a TI-Nspire Prototype “In the Wild”
  I need to preface this story by saying that this is something that happened over 6 mon [more]
Teaching the Hour of Code
My last day teaching in a high school classroom is this Friday. I'm not the kind to just mail [more]
From Classroom Culture to Corporate Culture
If you've followed Tech Powered Math over the last year, you've probably suspected this day was [more]
An Interactive Map of ACT and SAT Results
One of the tools we used in my data science training to publish interactive web applications created [more]
Responding to Good for TI…Bad for Kids and Stat
Over at R-Bloggers a few days ago day, I came across a post from Norm Matloff, professor of compute [more]
Thoughts on Completing the 9 Johns Hopkins Data Science Courses
A process that began 4 months ago, the sequence of 9 Johns Hopkins Data Science Specialization c [more]

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