TI-84 Plus CE Review
The most popular graphing calculator model line ever, the TI-84 Plus, continues to evolve for th [more]
TI-84 Plus CE Week
It's TI-84 Plus CE week here at Tech Powered Math. I've had a couple of weeks to interact with the [more]
Statistical Learning Stanford Online Review
I just received my certificate from Stanford's Statistical Learning course, taught by the legendary [more]
Texas Instruments Launches STEM Behind Health
It recently came to my attention that Texas Instruments launched a new initiative called STEM Behind [more]
Review: Dell Computer E2414Hx 24.0-Inch Screen LED-Lit Monitor
In a variety of settings, I've started working with multiple monitors more regularly, and I'm findi [more]
Favorite Podcasts for Data Scientists
One of my favorite learning methods is via podcasts. They allow me to multitask--exercising, dri [more]
Review: Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse with Nano Receiver (Black)
I recently picked up an Amazon Basics Wireless Mouse and wanted to do a quick review, and given [more]
My MOOC Study Strategies
If you've looked into MOOCs (Massive Online Open Courses) at all, you have probably wondered how suc [more]
Update on PARCC Calculator Policy
I've really made no secret of the fact that I have my doubts about the long term viability of the PA [more]

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