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Tech Powered Math has gone pretty quiet the last 6 months or so, which usually signals I’m up to something not related to graphing calculators. In fact, this time it’s a move across the country for another career move. My new opportunity takes me to a part of the country which is a big change for a guy who’s never lived outside of rural Central Illinois. I’m now located in the Queen City of Charlotte, NC. In fact, it’s quite a change for my family, both my wife and I come from families that have lived in small town Illinois since the 1800’s. We’re really looking forward to this change, though, from a variety of standpoints (more dynamic economy, better weather, the usual). I’ll also add, that one of the things that excites me about a bigger city is the potential to connect with a larger professional community. I never cease to be amazed by the people who read the words on this site. If, by some crazy chance you’re a reader of this blog who’s located in the Charlotte area and would like to connect, please reach out. I’m pretty much building my network from scratch here.

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Lucas Allen

Lucas Allen

For more than a decade, Lucas Allen was a high school math teacher and math team coach in Illinois. His 2012 Morton High School math team won the Illinois state championship. Recently, he made the jump from public education to the corporate world and is now working as a data scientist. He is interested in just about all forms of technology, including the TI-Nspire, Nexus devices, R, MOOCs, and more. You can follow , and if you are nice, he will probably follow you back.

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