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Cost of College Infographic

If you’re a current college student, this infographic about the rapid rise in the cost of college will come as no surprise to you. However, if you’re in your mid-30’s and have kids like me, you may be shocked to learn how rapidly the cost of tuition, housing, and books has risen in the last 15 years, and how much parents of young children need to save for their kids’ education.

In addition to sharing this infographic, tomorrow, I’ve got an interesting anecdote about a very talented student of mine that is saying “no more” to these costs and is taking a non-traditional path to post-secondary education.

Start Saving for College Now


Chromecast for Teachers

Chromecast for Teachers

UPDATE: My Chromecast Review for Teachers has now been posted.   Even in the midst of getting ready for the big book release today, something caught my eye yesterday that I couldn’t pass up doing a post about. If you missed it, the Google Chromecast was announced yesterday. The Chromecast is a device that should… Continue Reading

Finding My Way Back

Friday’s post was the first on here in quite some time, and I’d like to offer a brief explanation. Essentially, I’ve felt forced to take some time away from my online adventures by a combination of poor health, a change of house, and a busy time at school. The health issue was a flurry of… Continue Reading

Nexus 7 Review and Book

Nexus 7 Review and Book

The last month has been absolutely crazy for me, with trips across the country and moving into a new home. However, as the start of the new school year arrives, I hope to pick up the pace again. In the next few weeks, I’m planning to update my calculator recommendations for students, a post on… Continue Reading

Microsoft PC President’s Day Deals

If you missed out on the some of the great deals on computers that were around at Christmas time, you can get in on the President’s Day deal through the Microsoft store this weekend. Starting today, they are offering $150 off their entire lineup of Windows PCs. This deal only goes through Monday, February 20th,… Continue Reading

Microsoft Store Black Friday Deals

Among the litany of Black Friday deals, Microsoft is kicking off the holidays with some pretty amazing special deals as well at the online Microsoft Store. All of these deals begin today (Thanksgiving) and most run through the end of the holiday weekend on November 28. They should appeal to teachers and students alike as… Continue Reading

Thoughts from a Pre-AP Calculus Workshop

Kind of a random post here, but I spent Tuesday at a pre-AP Calculus workshop hosted at Triton College in River Grove, IL. As a Pre-Calculus teacher, I was very interested to see what sorts of topics the College Board would emphasize in a Pre-AP conference. I was surprised to see the level of emphasis on graphing calculator use. Continue Reading